Michael Lighty
1 min readFeb 2, 2019

It’s Not a Time for “Can’t”

I have a request for the pundits, editorial boards, and especially politicians, seemingly sympathetic to Medicare for All, but who dwell on it’s supposed infeasibility and limitations: please take a time out.

When it comes to seeking universal healthcare in the US since the 1940’s (decades behind Germany even then), we have literally tried everything except what is popular and works: Medicare for All.

So let’s do what everybody benefits from, on behalf of everybody. It’s literally true, and and why it scares the elite so much: universal healthcare is universal!

Who knew?

The non-universal character of our present healthcare industry may be the biggest barrier to achieving an improved and expanded version of Medicare, the most efficient, cheapest, and provider-friendly, but not perfect, part of what could be a health system that promotes health, saves lives, and creates a sense of social solidairty.

No longer riven by the disparities that plague healthcare, which are primarily financial and result in unnecessary deaths, complications, and economic hardship that seep into all areas of our lives, we would all have a stake and reason to support a healthcare program that isn’t vastly better for some than most, and isn’t based on ability to pay.

Instead of all the healthcare we can afford, leaving tens of millions out and uncertain, let’s guarantee we all get the healthcare we need.

Michael Lighty

Founding Fellow, The Sanders Institute; Former Director of Public Policy, National Nurses United.