Hey President Biden! The Evidence Keeps Piling Up

By Michael Lighty

Whether its recent peer-reviewed studies or the Congressional Budget Office showing the savings generated by Medicare for All, or showing the inadequacies of private health insurance, evidence for the effectiveness of “single-payer” healthcare financing continues to grow.

We hear much these days about following the data and science. Facts matter.

We can quantify the wasted dollars going to unnecessary paperwork, and what that paperwork does: delay and deny care. We know how much money the largest health insurance company diverted from health services last year as profit. …

US Response to COVID Reveals the Country Reagan, the GOP and the Democrats Created

Workers are compelled to go back to work, often for minimum wage. Small businesses cannot get the loans they need because big corporations scooped them up. Hospitals don’t have enough protective equipment for nurses, and sick people cannot get the tests they need. Unemployment benefits, paltry by design to “encourage” (minimum wage) work, doled out reluctantly by states who have archiac IT, are delayed and denied.

These failures are the result of a 40 year bi-partisan agreement that as former GOP President Ronald Reagn put it…

DSA and Our Political Moment

It’s an amazing moment to be a member of the Democratic Socialists of America — 60,000 of us and growing! Long-time democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is the most prominent progressive of our time. Many, if not most people in the US struggle to make ends meet under capitalism and say it has failed. A majority of millennials prefer socialism to capitalism.

To top it off, we can elect Bernie Sanders President of the United States.

(Pause to re-read.)

That puts whatever DSA organizational differences and dynamics in the proper perspective.

Since the industrial revolution…

It’s Not a Time for “Can’t”

I have a request for the pundits, editorial boards, and especially politicians, seemingly sympathetic to Medicare for All, but who dwell on it’s supposed infeasibility and limitations: please take a time out.

When it comes to seeking universal healthcare in the US since the 1940’s (decades behind Germany even then), we have literally tried everything except what is popular and works: Medicare for All.

So let’s do what everybody benefits from, on behalf of everybody. It’s literally true, and and why it scares the elite so much: universal healthcare is universal!

Who knew?


The announcement by the CEO’s from JP Morgan Chase, Amazon and Berkshire-Hathaway that they are forming a new healthcare company signals the symbolic end of the ACA-reform era. They recognize the inefficiencies and profiteering of the private insurance companies, who add no value to businesses dealing with healthcare. And should there be any doubt that the end of the ACA is nigh, there’s this from Trump: “We repealed the core of disastrous Obamacare. The individual mandate is now gone.”

Given the record of the CEO-in-chief who now occupies the White House, it’s doubtful we can expect improved healthcare, or lower…

Skeptics of SB 562, the California single-payer bill, latch onto the question of obtaining federal waivers to help fund the new Healthy California Trust Fund, an independent public authority created by SB562 that will guarantee healthcare to all Californians thru single-payer financing. But these skeptics fail to recognize the political, statutory and legal paths available to ensure the new system receives all the federal funds for which Californians are eligible.

Through on-going consultations with advocates, administrators, legal authorities and health policy analysts, the sponsor of SB 562 is preparing for how the new system can build upon the existing Medicaid…

Michael Lighty

Founding Fellow, The Sanders Institute; Former Director of Public Policy, National Nurses United.

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